Troubleshooting newly created rules

If there are issues with copying a rule or data instance, see the following information for troubleshooting help.

  • If your newly created rule is not being executed, it might be related to the rule resolution algorithm which operates differently on different rule types. See the help topics Completing the Create form for each rule type to understand specifics of rule resolution for that type.
  • Many standard rules have Work- as the Apply to key part, but you cannot create additional rules with Work- as the Apply to key part. When you're copying such a rule, the Save As form defaults the name of the container class for the current work pool as the Apply to class.
  • The Save As form is restricted to those users who hold the privilege @baseclass.ToolbarFull or @baseclass.ToolbarSaveAs.
  • The availability of your new rule is not specified on the Save As form.
  • The status of your new rule may be automatically cleared if the following criteria are met:
    • The original rule status is not internal
    • One of the following conditions apply
      • The specified ruleset is not a branch of the original rule
      • You are changed the Apply To class
      • The original rule has circumstances defined
  • You can specialize a rule or create a circumstance of it.