Exporting data from your application

You can export the data associated with a data type into a .csv file that you can open in Microsoft Excel.

The first row of the file is the header row. There is a column for each field in the record. You can edit the file and import it back into your application.

You can export the list of data records for a data type as a .csv file.

Note: This option is not available for Apache Cassandra databases.
  1. Click the Data types icon in the navigation panel to display the Data Explorer.
  2. Click the data type from which you want to export data.
  3. Click the Records tab.
  4. Select the records that you want to export using the search and filter fields.
  5. Sort the data in the order in which you want to export it by clicking the header of the column to use for sorting.
  6. Click Export. The file is downloaded to the Downloads directory on your local drive.