Transforming data during import

You can upload a .csv file to add, update, delete or perform some other operation (custom purpose for the import) on the data for a data type, and map the fields in your data type with the fields in the .csv file. If you want to map fields from an external system, you can add business logic, such as decision trees, decision tables, and lookups, to data while importing a .csv file. Adding logic allows data from an external system to be transformed to values that are understood by Pega Platform during import rather than manually in a preprocessing activity.

To apply business logic during import:

  1. After uploading a .csv file of fields to be imported, follow steps 1 through 5 in Mapping fields for add, or update or add only purposes. to begin the process of mapping the fields.
  2. On the Map fields screen, in the Mapping options column, click the Gear icon to display the Mapping options menu.
  3. In the Set values using list, select the method with which the data being imported is to be transformed. Options include:
    • Imported value (default) – Select this option to set the target field directly.
    • Lookup – Use a lookup to maintain relationships between individual records being imported or to normalize fields with a large number of valid values. After you select Lookup, set the following fields:
      • Record type – Enter or select the record type to look up during import.
      • Match record by – Enter or select the field in the lookup record type to be used to identify which record to look up a value from. For example, if you want to search for records by email address, enter or select EmailAddress.
      • Set value from – Enter or select the field to retrieve a value from the matched record.
    • Decision table or Decision tree – Use a decision table or decision tree to normalize external data into a format that is understood by the Pega Platform. After you select Decision table or Decision tree, set the field to the name of a previously created decision table or decision tree in the current class.
  4. On the Mapping options menu, click Submit.