Parts of lists and groups reference

Lists and groups.


For Value List and Page List properties, the index is a number starting with 1. To reference a single element of the list, use an expression that evaluates to a positive integer value.

For example, you can set the first two elements of the Value List property named Months using a data transform's Set action or using the Property-Set method as follows:

.Months(1) "January"
.Months(2) "February"

Numeric indexes work similarly for a Page List property. The LoanApplications Page List property contains a Single Value property named LoanAmount:

.LoanApplications(1).LoanAmount "1000"
.LoanApplications(2).LoanAmount "2000"


Each element of a Value Group or Page Group property is identified by a unique value that must be a Java identifier. You can enter a constant string as the index, such as Mother or Massachusetts:

.FamilyMembers(Mother) "Nancy"
.FamilyMembers(Father) "George"

You can also enter an expression that evaluates to a string value. The result must be a valid Java identifier.

On the Clipboard tool display, Value Group values appear on the right panel.