Viewing your application ruleset list

An application ruleset is a collection of rules that identify the components of an application. You can view a list of your application rulesets in Dev Studio.

  1. Click the Operator menu (your name), and select Profile. Your operator profile opens.
  2. Locate the Application Ruleset section to view your application ruleset list.
Result: Your application ruleset list might include rules that you do not consider part of the application, or might exclude rules that you expect. Consider the following criteria:
  • The application ruleset does not include your personal ruleset, which contains the rules checked out to you.
  • The application ruleset does not include rules in rulesets specified in the Production Rulesets array in your access group.
  • Rules from ruleset versions listed in the Requestor Type data instance, Organization data instance, or Division data instance are not included, unless these rulesets are also in the application rule.