Participating in an application-level test coverage session

When an application-level coverage session is running, you can perform tests of the application to contribute to an application-level test coverage report that identifies the executable rules in your application that are covered and not covered by tests.

Before you begin: Ensure that application-level coverage is in progress before you log in. If application coverage is started after you log in, you cannot contribute to it unless you log off and log in again. Only users with the pzStartOrStopMasterAppRuleCoverage privilege can initiate application-level coverage.
  1. Check if application-level coverage is in progress.
    1. In the header of Dev Studio, click Configure > Application > Quality > Test Coverage.
    2. Verify that you see the Application level coverage is in progress message.
      If you do not see the message, application-level coverage is not active, however, you can still start a user-level test coverage session.
  2. To provide data for the report, execute all the tests that are available for the included applications, for example, Pega unit automated tests and manual tests.
    Note: During the coverage session your local configuration for included applications is overridden by the configuration of the user that started the application-level coverage session.
  3. Click your profile icon and then click Log off.
    Note: If you do not log off before the rule coverage session is stopped, you will not contribute to the report. If you log off and then log in again while the coverage session is still active, your test coverage sessions are saved as a new session that will be included in the application coverage report.