Test environment setup

You can use one or more data pages, data transforms, or activities to set up the clipboard with values before running a Pega unit test case or test suite. You can also use activities to create any required test data, such as work or data objects.

You can set up or clean up the clipboard if you are running a test for which the output or execution depends on other data pages or information.

For example, your application contains a data page D_AccountTransactionsList. This data page is sourced by a report definition or activity that loads the transactions of the logged-in customer, based on the account type for which the customer views transactions.

The customer number and account type that the customer selects are dynamic properties that are stored on the work page of the case. The report definition or activity retrieves these properties as parameters from the work page and filters the results as it obtains the results for the data page.

When you create a test case for D_AccountTransactionList, you must ensure that either:

  • The parameter properties exist on the work page of the clipboard before running the data page test.
  • Your data page has an activity or report definition that refers to the properties of another data page that exists on the clipboard to filter the results.

The system always runs data transforms, activities, and strategies on RunRecordPrimaryPage, regardless of which page you chose when you unit tested the rule in the Run dialog box. It also runs flows and case types on the pyWorkPage. Use the Setup tab to update the page with any information required to set up test data.