Discussing a document

You can discuss a document by using Pulse to review additional information about a case with other users in your application, for example, to analyze a faulty sales order.

  1. In the navigation panel, click Documents.
    Result: The Documents landing page opens.
  2. Choose the documents to view.
    • Click All documents to view all the documents in your application.
    • Click My documents to view only the documents that you own and follow.
  3. Click the document that you want to discuss.
  4. Use Pulse to discuss the document with other users.
  5. Optional: Perform additional actions to control document notifications, modify content, add tags, and so on.
    • To receive notifications for the document when you are not the owner, click Actions and select Follow.
    • To modify the document, click Edit.
    • To save an offline copy of the document when the document is an uploaded file, click Download.
    • To add tags to the document, modify your notification preferences for the document, or pin the document to a space, click Actions and select the relevant option.
    • To add followers, attachments, and references to cases, spaces, and other documents, use the relevant section below the Document details section.