Simulation testing

By running simulation tests in Pega Customer Decision Hub, you can derive useful intelligence that can help you make important business decisions. For example, you can examine the effect of a new product offer or assess risk in a variety of marketing or nonmarketing scenarios.

With simulation tests, you can run strategies of varying complexity on a preselected sample set of customers. By doing so, you can make millions of decisions at the same time and simulate the outcome of your decisioning framework. When a simulation test completes, you can visualize the results in Pega Visual Business Director, where you can check whether the new strategy produces the expected result. For example, you can check whether customers are offered a new phone or Internet plan when certain conditions that are specified in the strategy are met. You can also assess the impact of the new product on your existing product offering.

Customer Decision Hub is where data-savvy business users can run simulation tests independently of the system architect, with minimal amount of configuration that is required to start a simulation test. For example, you do not have to configure any simulation data flows or data set where the simulation result will be stored.

Additionally, you can perform various operations on already completed simulation tests, such as assigning additional reports to a simulation test or comparing simulation tests in Visual Business Director. You can also schedule a simulation test to run in the future. To evaluate your new strategies on the spot, you can simulate strategies directly from the Strategy canvas.

Simulation tests and revision management

If the environment where you want to simulate strategies is enabled for revision management, you can run simulation tests in the context of a specific revision. In revision management, simulation outputs are created as part of enterprise application rulesets, instead of revision branches or revision rulesets. Therefore, simulation outputs are not available for packaging.

Additionally, as a Customer Decision Hub user, you can run simulation tests for strategies that are part of unsubmitted change requests. This option is available only when you do not simulate a strategy against a specific revision.