Prediction Studio overview

Prediction Studio is an authoring environment where you can control the life cycle of AI and machine-learning models (such as model building, monitoring, and update). From Prediction Studio, you can also manage additional resources, such as data sets, taxonomies, and sentiment lexicons.

To access Prediction Studio, you must specify pxPredictionStudio as one of the portals associated with your access group. From Prediction Studio, you can switch to another worskpace any time and change the tools and features that are available in your work environment. For more information, see Changing your workspace.

The following components are available in Prediction Studio:

Prediction Studio Header

The header at the top of Prediction Studio enables you to view the name of the current application, perform a search across the rules in that workspace, view the online help, and toggle the Agile Workbench.

Page header

The page header at the top displays the name of the current work area, for example Predictions and enables you to perform a number of common actions such as viewing model reports, clearing deleted models, and so on. This toolbar also allows you to add models or additional resources.

Navigation panel

The navigation panel on the left provides quick access to the following work areas:
In this work area, you can access, sort, and manage predictive, adaptive, and text analytics models within your application. By default, the models are displayed as tiles. Each model tile contains an icon for quick identification of model type, the model name, and the indication of whether the model is completed or being built.
In this work area, you can create and manage data sets or Interaction History summaries. In addition, you can access resources such as taxonomies or sentiment lexicons that provide features for building machine-learning models.
This work area contains the global settings for model development, such as the internal database where model records and related resources are stored, their default application context, and model transparency policy.

Prediction Studio transitions

You can quickly transition between Prediction Studio and business portals such as Pega Marketing, or Customer Decision Hub. When in Prediction Studio, you can click the Back widget to return to a business portal with no context change.