Revision case type

The primary purpose of the Revision case type is to initiate the process of changing business rules in your application. This case type covers all aspects of the revision life cycle. A revision can have one or more change requests associated with it. You can modify the stages, steps, processes, or assignments that are part of the Revision case type to make it simpler or more complex, depending on the business needs.

The primary path in the Revision case type is represented by the following stages:

Stage Step Status Purpose
Create Define Revision Final Provide revision details.
  Create Revision Final Create a revision through the designated activity.
  Add Change Request Final Create one or more change requests through the designated activity.
Open View Revision Available View the revision. Optionally, update revision details, add change requests, withdraw or submit revision.
Submit (Package) Package Revision Available Create a RAP file that contains the modified rules.
Direct Deployment View DD Revision Available Activate or withdraw a revision, independently from application administrators. Available if direct deployment of revisions is enabled.
Activate Activate Revision Final Make a revision available for testing or in the production environment.
  Initiate Rollback Available Withdraw a revision from the test or production environment.

The Revision case type can also have the following alternate stages:

Stage Step Status Purpose
Withdraw Withdraw Revision Final Withdraw a revision if in Open or Direct Deployment stage.
Rollback Roll Back Revision Final Withdraw an active revision through a designated activity.