Applying complex event processing

Reference Event Strategy rules to apply complex event processing in your data flow. Build data flows to handle data records from real-time data sources. For example, you can use complex ecents processing to analyze and identify patterns in call detail records (CDR) or banking transactions.

  1. In a data flow, click the Plus icon on a shape, and select Event Strategy.
  2. Double-click the Event Strategy shape to configure it.
  3. In the Event strategy field, select an event strategy that you want to reference in this shape.
  4. In the Convert event strategy results into field, enter the name of the class where you want to output your data.
  5. In the Properties output mapping section, map the properties from your event strategy to the properties that exist in the class containing your data flow by performing the following steps:
    1. Click Add Item.
    2. In the Set field, enter a target property that is in the same class as your data flow.
    3. In the Equal to field, enter a source property.
  6. Click Submit.

You can specify the ouput type of the Event Strategy shape, the amount of output records depends on the logic of the Event Strategy rule and the incoming data records.

For more information , see Pega Community Processing complex events article.