Pre- and post-processing of data flows

You can specify the activities that are executed before and after a data flow run. Use them to prepare your data flow run and perform certain actions when the run ends. Pre-activities run before assignments are created. Post-activities start at the end of the data flow regardless of whether the run finishes, fails, or stops. Both pre- and post-activities run only once and are associated with the data flow run.

To create pre- and post-activities do the following steps:

  1. Create an instance of the Activity rule.
  2. On the Pages & Classes tab, specify the following details:
    • Page name : For example, RunOptions
    • Class : For example, Data-Decision-DDF-RunOptions
  3. Click the Steps tab and define a sequential set of instructions (steps) for the activity to execute.
    1. In the first step, specify the following details:
      • Method : Page-new
      • Step page : RunOptions
    2. Click Add a step and specify the following details:
      • Method : Property-set
      • Step page : RunOptions
    3. Click the arrow to the left of the Property-set method to expand the method and specify its parameters.
      1. Specify a property in the PropertiesName column.
        • For a pre-activity, specify RunOptions.pyPreActivity.pyActivityName
        • For a post-activity, specify RunOptions.pyPostActivity.pyActivityName
      2. Specify a property value in the PropertiesValue column.
      3. Optional: Run an activity on all Pega Platform nodes that are configured as part of the Data Flow service:
        • For a pre-activity, set the .pyPreActiviy.pyRunOnAllNodes as True.
        • For a post-activity, set the .pyPostActivity.pyRunOnAllNodes as True.
    4. Click Add a step and specify the following details:
      • Method : DataFlow-Execute
      • Step page : RunOptions
    5. Click the arrow next to the DataFlow-Execute method to expand the method and specify details of a data flow that you want to run.
      1. Specify a name of the data flow.
      2. Select an operation that you want to use.
      3. Specify a Run ID of the data flow or Run Options page ( RunOptions ).
  4. Click Save .
  5. Optional: On the Data Flows landing page, view the available data flows.