Reprocessing failed records in batch data flow runs

When a batch data flow run finishes with failures, you can identify all the records that failed during the run. After you fix all the issues that are related to the failed records, you can reprocess the failures to complete the run by resubmitting the partitions with failed records. This option saves time when your data flow run processes millions of records and you do not want to start the run from the beginning.

  1. Create a batch run for a data flow.
  2. If the run fails, for example, due to an exceeded error threshold, click Continue to complete the run with failures and identify all the records that fail during the full run.
  3. When the run finishes with failures, click in the # Failed records column to display details about each failed record.
  4. Troubleshoot and fix the failures. For more information, see the Pega Community article Troubleshooting Decision Strategy Manager components.
    Note: If you cannot fix the failures on your own, ask a strategy designer or a decision architect for help.
  5. In the batch data flow run, click Reprocess failures.
  6. Optional: To see how many partitions will be resubmitted, click View affected partitions.
    Note: When you reprocess failures, you resubmit all the partitions that contain failed records to reprocess all the records that are on these partition, whether the records failed or not during the run.
  7. To reprocess failures, click Submit.