Adding tenants and administrators

The multitenant administrator can add tenants and their administrator to the system. When the tenant is created, the tenant organization, division, and unit, as well as a Data-Admin-Tenant class instance for the tenant, are automatically created.

  1. In the Tenant Name field, enter the name of the system tenant. Systems for public signup will auto generate the name.
  2. In the Description field, etner a short (64 char) description useful for systems with multiple shared-region applications.
  3. In the Contact Full Name field, enter the name of the person who is the contact for this tenant.
  4. In the Contact Email field, enter the email address of the tenant creator.
  5. In the Setup Activity filed, enter the activity that is invoked in the tenant region after the tenant record has been created. In the user interface, this activity is invoked with the access group of the logged-in user.
    Note: The default is to not select an activity. Add activities to the Data-Admin-Tenant class to have them accessible when you create a tenant.
  6. Optional: Select the ImportRAPs value if you want to launch a sample setup.
    1. Create all RAP files (both .jar and .zip files are supported) that the user would like to pass to the ImportRAPs SetupActivity.
    2. Upload each RAP file into its own Rule-File-Binary instance in the shared region. The application specified for the Rule-File-Binary instances must be webwb.
    3. Navigate to the Create tab of the Tenant Management landing page and fill in all required fields.
    4. Select ImportRAPs from the SetupActivities list.
    5. In the FileList parameter input field that is now visible, enter a comma-separated list of the names of the Rule-File-Binary, for example, abc.jar,, or if importing from only one Rule-File-Binary instance, for example, abc.jar.
    6. Click Create Tenant and wait for the process to complete.
    The preceding steps imply that the operator who creates the Rule-File-Binary also creates the tenant. However, a different operator can create the tenant. In this case, the operator who creates the tenant must have access to the Rule-File-Binary through the operator's primary access group.
  7. In the Administrator field, enter the user ID of the tenant administrator.
  8. In the Password field, enter the password of the tenant’s administrator.
  9. Click Create Tenant to create the tenant and the organization. This creates an instance of Data-Admin-Tenant.