Multitenancy Installation

The installation of a multitenancy system is supported in the Pega Platform installers (GUI and command-line) that are included with the distribution package. No additional or special configuration is required beyond what is needed for a standard installation or upgrade. See the installation guide for your platform for more details.

If you select the multitenancy option and the installation or upgrade is complete, the Pega Platform instance cannot be reset to perform as a standard Pega Platform or a high-availability instance.

  • If you use the Installation and Upgrade Assistant, select the Pega 7 Multitenant Edition option on the Product Edition window.
  • If you use the command-line tool, specify multitenant.system=true in the file prior to running the tool.

When you select the multitenancy option, the following configuration elements are added to the standard installation and upgrade:

  • Multitenant administrator access role named PegaRULES:MultiTenantAdmin
  • Tenant Management landing pages
  • Data-Admin-Tenant class
  • MTManagement service package

For complete details about installation and upgrade for your application server and database combination, see your distribution package or the deployment guides posted on Pega Community.

Note: Only Oracle and Postgres databases are supported for multitenancy.

Data schema update after upgrading

After an out-of-place, multitenant upgrade to Pega 7.2.2 from Pega 7.2 or later, you must update the data schema. After the upgrade, the PR_DATA_TAG_RELEVANTRECORD table that is in the existing data schema is not present in the new rules schema. The table must be present in the rules schema for the upgrade to the rules schema to work. Copy the PR_DATA_TAG_RELEVANTRECORD table from the existing data schema to the new rules schema, and then upgrade the new rules schema. The PR_DATA_TAG_RELEVANTRECORD table is not required to be in the rules schema. After the rules schema upgrade is finished, drop the copy of the table that is in the new rules schema before you upgrade the data schema.