Establishing a stand-alone command-line BIX extraction process

A stand-alone command-line BIX extract process is useful when you want to avoid disrupting a production instance of Pega Platform, or when you want to use the same instance of BIX to extract data from multiple Pega Platform instances.

Before you begin: This functionality is available when you purchase and install the BIX application.

To establish a stand-alone command-line BIX extract process:

  1. Download the BIX distribution archive to your system and expand the archive into a directory. The config directory in this distribution contains the configuration files that you set up to support the extraction process and the lib directory contains the Pega Platform library files that you run against. The distribution also contains a sample Ant build file to run an extract process.
  2. Configure a JVM environment with access to the Pega Platform JAR files and the appropriate database driver files. You must have a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) distribution in place in the command-line system that allows you to make Java calls. Use JVM version 1.5, 1.6 or 1.7.

    Ensure that your classpath:

    • Contains the JAR files in the lib directory of your BIX distribution on the command-line system. This directory contains the Pega Platform libraries.
    • Includes the location of the Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) driver JAR files for your database. For more information on the appropriate driver for your database, see Configuring database support on your application server in the Installation Guide. See the Platform Support Guide for additional information.
  3. Configure the prconfig.xml,, and prlog4j2.xml files to specify the source and target databases, BIX logging, and other properties to complete the command-line environment. See Setting up command-line extracts.
    Note: The engine classes are stored in the database and not in the file system. The ExtractImpl class cannot be directly run using the Java interpreter. Instead, run the PegaRULES class and pass the ExtractImpl class as an argument.