Enabling password encryption

BIX lets you pass in a Pega Platform username and password to rule-resolve the Rule-Admin-Extract rule to run. If you want to enable security for the database username and password, you can implement JCE "keyring" encryption by creating a pegarules.keyring file. You can use keyring encryption to encrypt the username and password.

  1. Run the KeyringImpl Java class, which accepts three parameters and generates the keyring file. The parameters are:
    • The path where the pegarules.keyring file is generated (including the filename)
    • The path to the prconfig.xml file
    • The path to the BIX distribution directory
  2. To encrypt BIX passwords in the same file, pass an additional argument named "bix". Running the KeyringImpl Java file with this additional parameter prompts the user for the BIX username and password. The file encrypts the information that you enter.
    • The runPega batch script assumes that the prconfig.xml provided as an argument to the Keyringimpl class is the same as the prconfig.xml file in the prweb/web-inf/classes folder. If the prconfig.xml file is in a different location, use the Java command directly as instructed in the Pega Community article Creating a custom cipher in Pega Platform.
    • For Pega Cloud applications, BIX is an add-on service that Pega configures if you choose it as part of your subscription. For on-premises applications, BIX is available when you purchase and install the BIX application.