Static content cache

The Pega Platform stores static content for these rule types:

  • Binary file rules ( Rule-File-Binary rule type, for images such as JPG files)
  • Text file rules ( Rule-File-Text rule type, for JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheet files)
  • Form file rules, for rule forms ( Rule-File-Form rule type)
  • eForm file rules ( Rule-File-eForm rule type, for PDF forms)

The location of the StaticContent directory is determined by a temporary files path setting in the prconfig.xml file. Each directory below the StaticContent directory contains extracted static content. Additionally, the directory name encodes the exact ruleset list that the content belongs to. To minimize storage, the Pega Platform creates directory names with a hash code derived from an entire ruleset list.

For example, the file system can contain many different files named CompanyLogo.jpg. The CompanyLogo.jpg file that is displayed in a browser session depends on that user's ruleset list.