Schema modification using the Modify Schema wizard

You can view and modify the PegaRULES database schema by using the Modify Schema Wizard. You can determine which concrete classes are mapped to each database table, which properties in each class are exposed as distinct columns, and which Single Value properties in each class are not exposed but are contained in the Storage Stream (BLOB) column.

You can also use this wizard to copy a Single Value property from the Storage Stream and expose it as a column or to generate a SQL statement (as a text file) to change the database schema later.

Note: You cannot use this tool to expose a transient property, because a transient property has no values in the database. You also cannot select the pr_other table, because no Data-Admin-DB-Table instance is linked to it. Use database utilities to move the rows to a more appropriate table, and then create an associated Data-Admin-DB-Table instance. You can then use this wizard to expose the columns.