Viewing column population jobs

You can view the status of column population jobs running in the background that were started by the Property Optimization tool. This tool populates newly exposed database table columns with data values from the BLOB column. You must have the SchemaPropertyOptimization privilege to access this page.

Each row in the table corresponds to an instance of the System-Job-PropertyOptimization class.

  1. Click Configure > System > Database > Column Population Jobs.
  2. The Column Population Jobs tab displays the following:
    • Job ID - The ID assigned to this optimization job when it was created.
    • Created at - The time the job was created.
    • Scheduled at - The time the job is scheduled to run.
    • On Node(s) - The Pega Platform node or nodes on which the job is scheduled to run.
    • For property(ies) - The properties that this job will expose.
    • In Class - The property's class.
    • Total Instances - The number of instances of the property that will be exposed.
    • Processed % - The percentage of the instances that have been processed.
    • Status - The state of the job: New, In-Progress, Completed, Error, or Canceled.
  3. The display refreshes every 30 seconds. Click Refresh to recompute the display.