Java methods for Dynamic System Settings and System settings

Some Dynamic System Settings instances are created automatically during installation or upgrade of a Pega Platform system. However, your application can also create, set, or query instances of this class using Java methods in the PublicAPI PRSystemSettings interface:

  • string getDynamic(OwningRuleSet, SettingKey) — Returns the Dynamic System Settings value currently associated with the supplied key.
  • boolean setDynamic(OwningRuleSet, SettingKey, newvalue) — Updates the value of an existing Dynamic System Settings value.

The PublicAPI PRSystemSettings interface also lets your application query the System settings rule type ( Rule-Admin-System-Settings ).

  • string get (OwningRuleSet, SettingKey) — Uses rule resolution to find a System Settings rule ( Rule-Admin-System-Settings rule type) to return its value.