Downloading the system state by using a REST API

Instead of using the Cluster Management landing page, you can download the current system state for a single node or for the whole cluster by using a REST API. REST APIs are a standard way to access the resource status and can be used by third-party tools that support calling the API.

Invocation of a REST API for downloading the system state requires authentication, and you must pass the authentication details at the time of the API invocation. To invoke this REST API, you must have the PegaRULES:SysOpsObserver role.

  1. Enter the http:// hostname:port /prweb/PRRestService/api/v1/nodes/ {nodeIdentifier} /state URL in the address bar of the third-party tool that supports calling this API. Enter the values in place of the following parameters:
    • hostname:port – Enter the host name and the port for the Pega Platform application server that you want to connect to.

    • {nodeIdentifier} – Enter the ID of the node for which you want to download the system state, or enter all to download the system state for the whole cluster.

  2. Save or open the JSON file that was generated for the specific node or the whole cluster.