Migrating auto-generated rules

Some Pega Platform applications have auto-generated rules. These rules are created at runtime during the normal use of a production system.

Note: Auto-generated rules are not present in the upgraded rule base from the time of the initial rule migration and must be migrated manually.

There is a built-in utility to export the auto-generated rules created after a certain time period. Use the prpcUtils utility, located in the coreBuildDistributionImage/scripts/utils directory, to perform the export.

To run the prpcUtils utility, do the following:

  1. Create an XML file containing the following classes to export:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
    <Database dbname="PegaRULES">
    <Class name="Rule-Obj-Property" column="PXUPDATEDATETIME"/>
    <Class name="Rule-Obj-When" column="PXUPDATEDATETIME"/>
    <Class name="Rule-Obj-FlowAction" column="PXUPDATEDATETIME"/>
    • Class name represents either:
      • The name of the class for a rule type that you want to export
      • A wild card pattern, such as parent class name (for example, Rule-), used to export all the rules belonging to the Rule- hierarchy, including its descendants.
    • PXUPDATEDATETIME represents the exposed column, which could be used to match the time stamp in the export.migration.date property in the PRPCUtils.properties file that is set in step 3.
  2. Enter the database connection information in the utility by setting the following properties under its Settings for Export Tool section:
    • export.archive.full.path
    • export.migration.date
    • export.migration.xml – the full-path to the XML file containing the classes to export that was created in step 1.
  3. Run the prpcUtils.bat file in the same directory as the properties file with the following syntax:
    C:\coreBuildDistributionImage\scripts\utils>prpcUtils.bat export