HA Cluster Settings

The HA Cluster Settings page is used to configure crash recovery and accelerated passivation options.

Operators with the following roles can access this page:

  • PegaRULES:HighAvailabilityAdministrator
  • PegaRULES:HighAvailabilityQuiesceInvestigator

You can access this page by clicking Configure > System > High Availability > HA Cluster Settings.

To save any changes that have been made on this page, click Submit.

Cluster upgrade

Disable rule saving when upgrading a cluster by selecting Cluster Upgrading - Disable saving of rules. To enable rule saving after the cluster upgrade has finished, clear Cluster Upgrading - Disable saving of rules.

Crash recovery

Enable crash recovery by selecting the Enable server crash recovery on this cluster check box.

Note: You must perform a rolling restart of the server for this cluster wide setting to take effect.

Send messages to users about a crash event by selecting the Enable end user messaging of a crash event check box.


This setting is only available when using slow drain. Modify the time needed in seconds for accelerated passivation to occur by updating the corresponding field.
  • The minimum number is 5 and the maximum number is the browser timeout.
  • Values larger than the browser timeout are ignored.