Modifying the prconfig.xml file

You can set or change system configuration settings by using Dynamic System Settings instances or by modifying system settings in the prconfig.xml file. Modifying Dynamic System Settings is the preferred method.

Before you begin: 
Changes to the prconfig.xml file can affect the operation and performance characteristics of your Pega Platform system. Make changes only after careful planning and after reviewing documentation or consulting with Pegasystems Global Customer Support.

As a best practice, when you change the contents of this file, use an XML editor. If an XML editor is not available, use WordPad or a program editor rather than Windows Notepad.

Use application server facilities to modify this file:

  1. Stop Pega Platform.
  2. Undeploy Pega Platform.
  3. Extract the current prconfig.xml file from the WAR file or EAR file.
  4. Open the file by using an XML editor or WordPad, and edit the file as required. Entries are in the format <env name="ParameterName" value="ParameterValue" />, where ParameterName and ParameterValue are set to the appropriate values. For example, <env name="agent/enable" value="true" />
  5. Repackage the WAR file or EAR file.
  6. Redeploy Pega Platform with the application server facilities.
  7. Restart the application server to implement the changes to the prconfig.xml file.
What to do next: 

Changes that are made to this file take effect the next time that the application server starts.

For more information on the contents and format of this file, see the Configuration Settings Reference Guide on Pega Community.