Node reindexing in a cluster

During reindexing, database performance might be affected and search results might be incomplete. This is due to the reindexing process.

When you reindex a node that belongs to a cluster, the system records each reindexing as an instance of the Log-Cluster-FTSIndex class, including the node ID and pyStatusWork, which is set to "Open-InProgress." The system disables all of the Re-Index buttons on the Search landing page for the node and for all other nodes that belong to the cluster. After reindexing is complete, pyStatusWork is set to "Resolved-Completed" if there are no errors, or to "Resolved-Error" if there are errors.

You must have the pxAccessSearchLP privilege to access the Search landing page.

  • The pr_log_cluster table holds instances of the Log-Cluster-FTSIndex class derived from the Log-Cluster- class.
  • If a node is shut down while its classes are being reindexed, pyStatusWork retains the value of "Open-InProgress," and the system disables the Re-Index buttons permanently. To enable the buttons, an administrator can run the pzResolveFTSIndexEntry activity for the node ID to set pyStatusWork to "Resolved-Error."
  • You cannot reindex from the command line utility if you have initiated reindexing in the same node or another node in the same cluster from the user interface, and reindexing is still in progress.