Find Rules by Custom Field Wizard - Step 2

Setting filters in the Find Rules by Custom Field wizard

Before you begin: 

Enter criteria in this step to filter results based on the value of a custom field. For example, you can find all rules with an applies to class name that starts with Rule-Obj or a ruleset name that contains the string customer.

  1. Select a label from the Field menu of the custom field to evaluate. This list is populated by values in the pr_index_customfields database table. If you do not see a custom field in the list, it must be exposed as a column.
  2. Select a comparison technique from the Condition menu.
  3. Enter a string in the Value field to compare it with the value of the custom field selected in the Field menu.
  4. Add rows to define additional criteria or delete rows to remove them.
  5. In the Filter Logic (Advanced) section, specify the search criteria order of operations. Each row in the Filter by Custom Fields section is labeled by a letter. Enter a logical string using these letters, parentheses, and keywords AND, OR, NOT; for example, (A AND B) OR C. If no logical string is specified, the system uses AND to join all search criteria together.
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