Changing the class of a page

Use the Page-Change-Class method to change the class of a top-level page.

Use the Property-Set method to change the class of an embedded page. Ordinarily, the Property-Set method requires that the source (of values) and the destination (to receive the values) be alike — assigning a string value into a string property, a page value into a page property, and so on.

However, you can establish the class of an embedded page using a special Property-Set syntax:

Change class of a page

  1. Identify the property that is the page as the destination.
  2. As the value, enter a literal string value or a property reference that contains a string that is a class name.
    When the system executes this method, it sets the value of the pyObjClass property in the page to the string value. This changes the class of the page.

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