Troubleshooting long-lived clipboard pages

Clipboard pages that remain unused for long periods could indicate a design or implementation flaw that can hurt performance. For example, the application created a page but neglected to use the Page-Remove method to remove the page after it was no longer needed.

When building or testing an application, you can discover whether your own processing has created such "orphan" or "near-orphan" page.
  1. Select Clipboard from the developer toolbar in Dev Studio.
  2. Once the clipboard is open, select Tools > Analyze.
  3. In the resulting grid of data, look in the Est Size (KB), Last Passivation, and Last Activation columns to identify any pages that were automatically passivated but never reactivated.
  4. Research whether such pages are needed at all, and whether they can be removed at specific points in the application, to reduce clipboard size.