Viewing the JVM in use on your server

Pega Platform runs within a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) on the servers that make up the system.

The configuration and versions of the JVM are important factors in memory performance and overall system throughput. In a production setting on a multiple CPU system, multiple JVMs support vertical clustering.

From the Dev Studio, you can view the JVM that is in use on your server node.

  1. From the Resources menu, select About Pega Platform. A pop-up window opens.
  2. Click the System Information button to open the PegaRULES Web Environment Information window. If prompted, enter your credentials.
  3. In the System Properties section, view the JVM information, including the version, name, and vendor.

The location and identity of the Java JDK and JVM in use is defined by the compiler/compilerPath entry in the prconfig.xml file, or by Dynamic System Settings, and is listed on the process page of the clipboard. For example:

<env name="compiler/compilerPath" value="f:/jdk1.6./bin/javac.exe" />
<env name="compiler/name" value="javac" />

Changing to a different JVM version on the server after Pega Platform is installed might interfere with the operation of the Clipboard tool.