Viewing Service REST monitoring results

To help with application debugging, you can view the monitoring results on the service package rule in the invocation history section. From the invocation history, you can click a particular invocation to view the actual request, response, and if configured, the clipboard state at the time the rule was invoked. You must have the prDeveloperForm privilege to view invocation history.

  1. In the navigation panel, click Records > Integration-Resources > Service Package.
  2. Click the service package that contains the rule for which you want to view results.
  3. Click view in the Invocation history column for the service that you want to view.
  4. The Service request invocation history dialog box displays information about each invocation of the Service REST rule, including when the request was received, the IP address, status, the elapsed time on the server side (not including latency), request and response payload, the number of attachments, and the node Id. You can perform the following actions:
    • To view the request and response results, and if configured, the clipboard state, in the Invocation Id column, click the invocation Id. By default, a maximum of 3000 characters are displayed for the request and response data. To change the number of characters, in the Showing field, enter the number of characters that you want to view and click Apply. Click the Clipboard tab to view the state of clipboard's primary page.
    • To view a list of attachments by request and response, in the Attachments field, click the number of attachments.