Defining suggested replies for the Email channel

You can define email response templates for the Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant for Email. During the email triage of an interaction case, you can select the most relevant reply to an email received from a customer, so that feedback to the customer is provided more quickly.

Before you begin: 

You can create an email response template or use an existing template. You must associate each suggested email reply with at least one topic so that only relevant replies are displayed during the triage process. You define topics separately on the Text analysis tab for the selected NLP model.

To quickly get started, the following default templates are available: apology, clarification, and missing information. To create additional default templates, you must define a Rule-Obj-Corr rule for the Work-Channel-Triage class.

Note: You must purchase a separate license before using Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant for Email in your application.

To add a suggested email reply:

  1. Open an Email channel interface.
  2. Click the Behavior tab.
  3. In the Suggested replies section, click +Add suggested reply.
  4. Set up a predefined email response:
    • To use a response from an existing template, from the Email template list, select a predefined email response .
    • To create a response from a new template, do the following steps:
      1. Click Create new.
      2. In the Email name field, enter a name for the email response template.
      3. In the text area, enter the default content for the email response template.
      4. Click Submit.
  5. From the Associated topics list, select topics for the suggested email reply.
  6. Click Submit.