Testing email routing conditions

When you configure an Email channel, you can define routing conditions to help the Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant for Email make an informed guess about what to do with the received email. Before moving an Email channel to a production environment, you can use the test console to test the automatic email handling capability. You can test whether the routing actions you defined are properly triggered for each defined routing condition case. In addition, you can verify if the sentiment is properly identified in the email content.

Note: You must purchase a separate license before using Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant for Email in your application.
  1. Open an Email channel interface.
  2. Optional: Configure routing conditions for automatic email handling.
  3. Click Test.
  4. Configure the routing test.
    1. Enter values in the following fields to challenge criteria for a routing condition: From (email) , FromĀ (name), To (email), Subject, and Message.
    2. Click Send.
    3. In the Outcomes section, verify that the correct action is triggered for a routing condition.
    4. Click Submit.
  5. Optional: Repeat step 4 to test all defined routing conditions.
    After you have tested that each of the routing actions is triggered when the criteria hold true, the Email channel interface is ready for a production environment.