Updating the NLP model for an Email channel

You can update the natural language processing (NLP) model for a configured Email channel by reviewing record items that were saved by Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant for Email. Only record items are saved and appear on the Training data tab when a user creates a case that is not suggested or sends a reply that is not suggested.

You can update record items only if training data exists for the Email channel. After you add the updates to the NLP model, you can rebuild the model to improve its prediction capability.

To update the NLP model:

  1. Open an Email channel interface.
  2. Click the Training data tab. The system displays a list of record items that have not yet been reviewed.
  3. Optional: Modify the text for a record item.
    1. Highlight a record item.
    2. From the Training data pane, click Edit.
    3. Modify the text for a record item.
  4. Optional: Update entities for a record item.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for additional record items.
  6. Select the record items for which you want to update the NLP model.
  7. Click Add to model.
  8. Optional: Click Actions > Build model.