Obj-Sort method

Use this method to sort the clipboard pages that are the values of a property of mode Page List. You can specify one or more properties to sort on, and whether the sort sequence is ascending or descending for each sort level.


This method has two base parameters and an array of two parameters per row:

Parameter Description
PageListProperty Enter a property reference that identifies a target property of mode Page List to be sorted.
Class Identify the class of the pages within the Page List property.

Identify in rows of this array a property reference (starting with a period or a page name) on each page of the Page List property that is the basis of sorting. Each property reference must identify a Single Value mode property or a single text string.

The order of your entries in this array is significant. The first property listed is the major sort.

Descending Select to cause the method to sort in descending order for the property. Clear the box to sort in ascending order.


The system sorts (reorders) the pages of the indicated Page List property. The rest of the clipboard (other than the pxMethodStatus value) is unaffected.

Sorting is sensitive to case and to Type.

Checking the method status

This method updates the pxMethodStatus property. See How to test method results using a transition.


This method cannot be used in a step that involves iteration.