Page-Clear-Messages method

Use the Page-Clear-Messages method to remove all property messages and certain page messages from the page identified in the Step Page column of the current step.

Use this method with care, because various application-related processing may have added the messages present on the page. Clearing a message before the cause is reported to a user or logged is not advisable.

Your application can clear messages by other means. For example, when a user submits an HTML form to the server containing input values for properties on a page, the server clears all page messages for the page, and also clears property messages for any property with submitted values (that is, any property that was touched by the user before submitting the HTML form.)

To avoid any chance of introducing invalid data into the database, design your activity to re- validate any page that was cleared of messages, before the activity attempts to save the page.


This method uses no parameters.


All messages placed by the Page-Set-Messages method on the step page are deleted.

Messages placed by Constraints rules, edit validate rules, and property type validation are not cleared — they are cleared and the restrictions are detected only when the property value changes.

Checking the method status

This method updates the pxMethodStatus property. See How to test method results using a transition.