Property-Set-XML method

Use this method to save the contents of an XML Stream rule after stream processing completes as the value of a Single Value property. The property value can then be mapped as output and conveyed to an external system.

The target property value is the XML text from an XML Stream rule ( Rule-Obj-XML rule type), after stream processing. Stream processing evaluates directives and clipboard references.


This method has three parameters:

Parameter Description
PropertyName Identify a Single Value target property to receive the value produced by stream processing.

If the property is on the step page, precede the property name with a period.

If this property is on a different page, include the page name in the reference and ensure that this page appears on the Pages & Classes tab of the Activity form.

XMLStream Enter the Stream Name key part of an XML Stream rule to process.
XMLType Enter the third key part of an XML Stream rule to process.


This method forms a key to an XML Stream rule instance from the value you supply for the second and third parameters and the class of the step page or of the activity. It uses rule resolution to find the XML Stream rule.

If the step page does not exist, a new page is created, of the class identified in the Pages & Classes tab.

It then uses stream processing to interpret and evaluate the JSP tags or directives in this rule. It stores the resulting XML text as the value of the property referenced in the first parameter. The property value is validated against the property rule.


  • You cannot use this method for a property that is also the target property of a Declare Expression rule. You can't save the Activity form if such a conflict is detected.
  • Do not attempt to set the value of a property that has a name starting with pz; changes to such properties are reserved.
  • Use the standard activity Work-.UpdateStatus — not this method — to change the value of a work item status ( pyStatusWork property).

Checking the method status

This method updates the pxMethodStatus property. See How to test method results using a transition.

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