Use the Publish-Notifications method to publish the top-level scalar and value list properties of a clipboard page to a notification channel.


Parameter Description
ChannelName Enter the name of a notification channel as displayed on the Notifications Channel landing page.


When the Publish-Notifications() is called with a channel name parameter, all the top-level scalar and value list parameters of the step page are published to the specified channel. If the channel was configured to receive a specific set of properties, only those properties are published.

In the absence of the channel name parameter, this method publishes the entire step page to any channel that is based on the same class as the step page.

This method logs an error if the publish operation fails.

Checking the method status

This method updates the pxMethodStatus property.

For more information on how to use this method and real-time notifications, see the Real-time applications and push notifications in Pega Platform article on Pega Community.