Parameters for the Queue instruction

The Queue instruction uses no parameters itself. You can supply values for the parameters (if any) of the activity.

Parameter Description
Activity (entered in the Method field) Type Queue followed by one space and the Activity Name (second key part) of the activity to be run.

Optional. You can identify the Applies To key part of the called activity explicitly, using the format:

Queue Data-Admin-Operator-ID.Analyze
Queue MyCo-Finance-Work-Form990.Validate
Note: The explicit class format causes rule resolution to bypass all class hierarchy searches. This means that the activity must be present in the specific class that is identified before the dot. (Other aspects of rule resolution operate normally.) Because the use of explicit class names can introduce inflexibility, complicate debugging, and reduce opportunities for rule reuse, avoid this format whenever possible. When you save an activity, Queue steps that use this format cause a rule warning.
Pass current parameter page Select this check box to share the contents of the current activity with the queued activity (a form of call-by-reference). When this check box is selected, you must ensure that all of the needed input parameters for the queued activity are present with an appropriate value on this page before the Queue instruction occurs.
Note: If multiple access groups are defined for the thread that originated the Queue instruction, the instruction uses the default access group, not the current access group. To use the current access group, set pzUseCurrentAccessGroupForChild to true on this page. You must also select the Allow direct invocation from the client or a service check box in the Security tab.
Use care if you select this option. As both the calling and queued activities can update any Out parameter values on a common, shared parameter page, changes to the parameter page can occur in any order.
() If the Pass current parameter page check box is not selected, enter values for the input parameters of the activity. Input parameters that must be set are marked with an asterisk.