Text-Normalize method

Use this method to apply a parse normalize rule ( Rule-Parse-Normalize rule type) to convert a source text string to a normalized form.


The Text-Normalize method has three parameters:

Parameter Description
Name Enter the second key party of a parse normalize rule. The system uses the class of the step page as the first key part.
Source Enter a property reference or linked property reference containing the source text to be normalized.
Target Optional. Enter a property reference to receive the resulting output text.

If blank, the results are stored in the property identified in the Source parameter.


The system uses rule resolution to locate a parse normalize rule, using the class of the step page and the Name parameter as key parts.

Next, it applies the normalize rule to the text in the Source value and stores the normalized result in the Target property value. If the Target parameter is not blank and does not match the Source parameter, the property in the Source parameter is not altered.

Execution of the rule may make no changes, one change, or many changes. Matching occurs only against the input source text, not recursively against intermediate results.

The method fails if the rule, the Source property, or the Target property cannot be found.

Checking the method status

This method updates the pxMethodStatus property. See How to test method results using a transition.

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