Expiration of iOS certificates

All iOS certificate and provisioning files that are part of the certificate set have an expiration date. They are valid only for a specified time. You can check the expiration dates for all the certificates that are defined in the Pega Platform directly from the Mobile Certificates landing page. The Expires In column shows the next expiration date for each certificate set shown in the list.

When a specific iOS certificate or provisioning profile expires, you need to either generate a new one or extend the expiration date. You must always update mobile app certificates before they expire. You always create a new certificate and provisioning file, or update its details, directly from the Apple Developer Portal.

Certificate type Certificate expiration When certificate expires
Provisioning file Typically expires after one year. The app will start on devices where it has been already installed. However, you will not be able to install it on new devices.
Signing Typically expires after either two or three years. The most serious case. The app will not start on new devices on which the app was installed, as well as on devices where it has already been installed.
Push notification (APNs) Typically expires after one year. Push notifications will not be delivered.

When you update a provisioning file or a signing certificate, you need to rebuild and install the app on each device. When you update a push notification (APNs) certificate, you need to just update the new certificate set in the Pega Platform. In such a case, you might need to sign in to the app again, on each device.

When you edit a certificate set or update a file that will expire, you cannot change the App ID (Bundle ID). Remember that when you update a certificate, you must always create it for an existing App ID. You can only update a certificate for an existing App ID.

You only update the provisioning file, or only update the push notification (APNs) certificate on its own, without the need to update the other information in a certificate set. However, when you update a signing certificate in a certificate set, you must also update the provisioning file to which it relates.