Pega Mobile SDK

The Pega Mobile SDK consists of the Connect SDK and the Mashup SDK. With the Pega Mobile SDK you can develop native Android and iOS mobile apps by using an integrated development environment (IDE) of your choice so that the mobile apps can interact with Pega Platform.

The Connect SDK provides access to Pega Platform data in your native mobile app directly by using the Pega API. The Mashup SDK allows you to embed parts of a Pega Platform application into your native mobile app.

Use the Pega Mobile SDK with your native mobile app to:

  • Define settings, including certificates that are enabled for push notifications, for your Android or iOS native mobile apps in the Pega Platform.
  • Configure a certificate set with push notifications enabled, which allows the Pega Platform to register and send push notifications to the native mobile app on an Android or an iOS device.

For more information, see the Connect SDK and the Mashup SDK Pega Community articles.