Deleting a certificate set

You can delete any certificate set from the Mobile Certificates landing page, for example, when a certificate set is no longer needed in the Pega Platform. When you delete a certificate set, all the individual certificate files that belong to the certificate set (for example, signing, provisioning, push notification) are also removed from the Pega Platform, provided that they are not being used by another Android certificate set or iOS certificate set.

If the certificate files that you want to delete are being used by other certificate sets, remove the certificate files that you want to delete from the certificate sets that are using them, before deleting the certificate set. In such a case, a dialog box lists all the mobile apps that need to be rebuilt by using a new certificate set.
  1. In Dev Studio, click Configure > Mobile > Configuration > Certificates.
  2. Click the Delete icon located in the same row as the certificate set that you want to delete. You can only delete one certificate set at a time.
  3. Click Delete to confirm the removal of the existing certificate set.