Setting up SDK app options for Android

To push notifications to your SDK mobile app from the Pega Platform, you must set up a certificate set that has push notifications enabled. Information that push notifications are enabled is displayed when you select a certificate set that has push notifications enabled.

Note: To use push notifications from the Pega Platform, your native mobile app must be developed with the Pega Mobile SDK.
  1. Navigate to the Build tab of the mobile channel interface.
  2. In the Platforms section, select the Android switch.
  3. Optional: Upload a mobile app icon. This action allows you to customize the icon in the Pega Platform for the SDK mobile app.
  4. Perform one of the following actions:
    • If a certificate set does not exist for the app that has push notifications enabled create a certificate set.
    • If a certificate set has already been defined, select one from the Certificate set list.
  5. Optional: In the Version field, enter the release version for your app. Keeping track of different versions of your mobile app helps you during the development, testing and production stages.
  6. Click Save.