Specifying a transition effect for an action manually

When you are creating the user interface and editing or adding a control, you can manually specify a transition for an action, if it is not on the supported actions list in Transitions effects for actions. The transitions are available only for custom mobile apps that are built by using the Pega Platform.

  1. Click the View properties icon to open the Cell Properties panel for a user interface control, for instance, a button.
  2. Click the Actions tab.
  3. Click Create an action set.
  4. Click Add an action.
  5. Click All actions and Run script.
  6. In the Function Name field, enter the function name enclosed within quotation marks: "pega.desktop.setNativeTransition".
  7. Click the Add a row icon to add a parameter row.
  8. In the Value field, enter the text that corresponds to the transition that you want, enclosed within quotation marks:
    • "pega.mobile.transitions.MOVE_BACKWARD"
    • "pega.mobile.transitions.MOVE_FORWARD"
    • "pega.mobile.transitions.GO_HOME"
    • "pega.mobile.transitions.NONE"
  9. Click Submit.