Attach content support in offline mode

You can attach content to an offline-enabled application when you are not connected to the network. Specifically, while working in offline mode, you can attach content from the built-in image, video or audio gallery, as well as any type of an attachment from any other source that is available in the device's native file picker component. If you are taking a picture or recording a video clip, they can be resized according to compression settings made in the Attach content control in Dev Studio.

After a file is attached in offline mode, it is added to the sync queue and is included in the attachment list that is displayed in the application. While you are working in offline mode, you can view or delete any attachment on the attachment list before the application is synchronized with the server. After the application is connected to the network, all the attachments that were added to the queue while in offline mode are automatically synchronized with the Pega Platform server. If you are using Pega Client for Windows, after the application synchronizes with the server, you can only view or delete such attachments if you are connected to the network.