Enabling offline packaging optimization during synchronization

You can optimize offline packaging during synchronization to improve the offline-enabled application's performance. Enabling offline packaging optimization means that the case is packaged during delta synchronization only when a new work item for a case is added to the user's worklist and the case was not yet packaged during a full or delta synchronization. In addition, the case is packaged during a full synchronization only when the work item for the case already exists in the user's current worklist.

If you select the Only offline when in user's worklist check box, you must also make sure the pyPackageAssignmentFlows when rule is set to "true". This rule is available in the @baseclass and is set to "false", by default.
  1. In the navigation panel, click Cases, and then click the case type.
  2. On the Settings tab, click General.
  3. In the Offline mode section, make sure the Enable offline check box is selected.
  4. Select the Only offline when in user's worklist check box.
  5. Set the pyPackageAssignmentFlows when rule to true.
  6. Click Save.