Creating a story

Create a story to define the functional requirements for a feature.

  1. In the footer of Dev Studio, click the Agile Workbench icon.
  2. Click Install the plugin to add the Pega Screen and Video Capture extension to your browser.
  3. In the header of the Agile Workbench tool, click Create work item > Create Story.
  4. In the Name field, enter text that summarizes what users can do with the new functionality.
  5. In the Description field, enter text that describes the new functionality to implement, the key stakeholders to involve, and the relevant business value.
  6. In the Complexity list, select an option to indicate the level of effort to complete the story.
  7. In the Priority field, click an option to indicate when the team works on the story, relative to other stories in the product backlog.
  8. Expand the Acceptance criteria section.
  9. Create a list of specific metrics or constraints that the team must meet before they can resolve the story.
  10. Optional: Add supporting information to the story.
    • To assign a user to the work item, press the Down Arrow key in the Owner field, and then select a user name.

    • To elaborate on the priority or severity of the work item, enter a date in the Due date field.

    • To attach an artifact, such as a document or video, click + Add attachment [attachment type].

  11. Click Save.