Integrating Agile Workbench with Pega Agile Studio

Integrate Agile Workbench with Pega Agile Studio to synchronize stories and bugs between the two systems.

Before you do this task, verify that your operator preferences provide a valid user ID for Pega Agile Studio. On the Operator menu, click Preferences, and update the user ID in the Project management section.

  1. In the Dev Studio header, click the name of your current application, and click Definition.
  2. On the Integration & security tab, in the Agile Workbench integration section, click Configure integration.
  3. Select Pega Agile Studio.
  4. Provide the API URL for Pega Agile Studio, and click Connect.
    Note: To disconnect an existing integration, click Disconnect Integration.
  5. Associate your Agile Workbench work items with a product and release by selecting an existing Pega Agile Studio product and release, or by creating a product and release
  6. Click Begin integration.
  7. Click Done after the integration is complete.
What to do next: On Pega Community, Pega Exchange provides components that you can download and install to support integration with other project management tools, such as JIRA and CA Agile Central.